14th July 2015

Camp Pikpa is run completely by the village of altogether.

The village of altogether is an association run by volunteers for years and years now. They are extremely active and try to give help to refugees as good as possible.

At Pikpa approximately 100 people have a place to say until their situation is clear. It is not meant to be a permanent camp and it is also not appointed to be so. People staying there are either underprivileged (for instance disabled or sick people, pregnant women, families…) or applying for asylum in greece or in special situations (for instance minors that apply for “family junction” when they have relatives in other european countries.)

After going to the other camps and seeing people in the streets it can give you back a lot of hope when you meet people at Pikpa. Also it is heartwarming to have enough space, to sit and talk about their future plans, to finally remember most the names and have real conversations. It feels healthy to see them as individuals and more and more let go of the refugee-helper-situation.

I think the biggest advantage is that most the time some kind of camp “authority” (meaning: someone from the village) or some kind of caretaker is present. And pretty much every day people from the village come by.

Of course Pikpa is in desperate need as well. People there only have what they need most; some soap, some rice, some milk, some clothes, some diapers, some medicine… However usually it is not enough there either.