Moria is the second of two official camps on Lesvos. Or the first depending on what procedure the police follows that certain day.

Whether it was officially set to be a detention camp or not I cannot say, I have confusing information about that and still try to find out.
But either way: That´s what it is.

I am sorry not being able to tell you a lot about Moria. There is simply not much we know, because no one is permitted inside. Also the refugees once in there have to wait until they are released again and are not allowed out during that time.

I “visited“ Moria on my second day on 10th July. Of course I couldn´t go inside.

However for reasons of overfill a camp in front of camp Moria has arised.

There the people don´t have tents (if they don´t buy them) and the same sanitary situation as in Karatepe.

They wait to get inside without clean water and boiling in the daytime, freezing at night.

It was there that I saw a refugee woman cry. I passed by her and her family, and suddenly she started crying and shouting.

Why? Why is this all happening to us? We have nothing. No water, no clothes, not enough shade in the day and in the night brrrr! We are freezing! WHY?

She asked me. Really me not metaphorically, really me.

I didn´t know what to say. I felt very ashamed. I am happy that I eventually decided to jump over the small ditch between us that was filled with rubbish and sat down and talked a while with her and her family until she stopped crying. Her daughter was named like me: Maryam.

It was a shocking situation however it was good that she was still angry and knew for sure that what was happening was neither fair nor justified. And it really isn´t, none of it!