Late at 18th July an activist friend and I received a phone call from a refugee we had tried to take care of. He said that they had finally made it to Athens.

We could not believe it.

It is the same people that I wrote about in “personal thoughts“ :

I spoke to an afghan man today, who is on Lesvos with his wife and son. For some reason he got some papers but his wife and son didn´t. They are at Karatepe for 6 days now, if I remember correctly. His child has a bad cold and throat ache.

When I spoke to him today he was on his way to camp Moria. They had been to camp Moria before. After that they had been sent to Karatepe (I don´t know why they did it this way round with them. I really don´t know.). He was asking for their papers day by day. Today the harbor police admitted that they had lost papers of a huge number of afghan people from Karatepe.

To be honest we were all desperate about their situation and unsure what they should do. But somehow things turned out well which sounded like magic to us. Even more magically is what he told us about camp Moria.

Here is what he said to me on the phone:

“We are at Athens now!

The police told us back at Karatepe to go again to Moria and get registered again. That´s what we did.

There it is very clean now! Every morning and evening workers come and clean the toilets and the place.

The toilets are very good!

Yes, they gave us water and food.

Yes, there were many many people. It was still clean! Because they have cleaning people now.

Everyone who came with us got their papers and could leave. Yes, everyone!

We waited approximately 12hours. Then we could leave.”

I am still astonished. I really hope it is true for whole Moria and not only the place our friend was. And I hope it stays like this.

I wish I could check for myself. But Moria remains locked.