27th July 2015

It has been for some days now that things seem to change. I will quickly try to give an overview of the for me personally most striking changes:

– NGOs finally started programmes, and hopefully more will follow. This contains:

IRC (International Rescue Committee) and MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) have devided the camp Kara Tepe into two scopes of duties. They want to improve water and sanitary situation and partly they have already done so: IRC has built showers and raised the water pipes. The water is drinkable for what they say. And when I talked to refugees today they agreed on that. People got sick mainly because the pipes were so low on the ground and after all people doing their dishes and laundry there it became a highly infective area. This problem will hopefully be improved by raising the pipes. Some of them on the IRC side have ben raised already. I hope they´ll finish it on both sides soon.

Also on IRC´s side of the camp fresh rubble was put in some areas and hopefully soon everywhere in the camp. I still saw some very disgusting swampy areas and children playing next to them. However there have been some improvements made already! Let´s see during the next days.

IRC also tried to clean “their” side of the camp on saturday. It´s like tilting at windmills but it´s great they did so and I hope it can only be seen as first babysteps.

– Buses drive refugees from Molyvos all way down to Mytilini or to Kara Tepe now. Finally! Which means that people do not have to take the whole way by walking which is crucial.

Many buses are provided by MSF and they also drive around in the area around Mytilini and collect walking refugees and safe them from the boiling sun.
I heard that UNHCR is also preparing a bus programme.

what remains unknown and:

– Moria; Even IRC is not allowed inside to check the situation. I don´t know about MSF. I know UNHCR is active there. But what they do right now? No idea.

– Steady medical help at Kara Tepe.

– Food. The caterer that is supposed to give food to the refugees is paid (or not) by the government which owes him about 300,000 € already. He knows he will be paid eventually so he continues to work, but does it very irregularly and the food is most times uneatable (worms in the soup….), as refugees have told me all the time. I have not met a single person in Kara Tepe that actually eats the food. I could see it for myself today.

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