15th August 2015

Yesterday we gave out food at Moria with the solidarity kitchen that arrived. The team has given out food before at Kara Tepe for some days. They also want to continue their work until end of September.

These days many more refugees arrive again. The camps are once again packed with people. The athmosphere is heated.

Arrivals from the north started to walk again. The buses cannot take them all. Once again they wander in the sun. It´s a mess.

Seeing people being thankful for a bottle of water is a depressing experience.

Yesterday night many people in the port (mainly syrian refugees) didn´t get registered anymore. The police stopped registration at approximately 11pm. We got informed that after they stopped people got desperate and aggressive and the police had trouble keeping them down and also reacted in an aggressive way. As we arrived the situation was calm again. But the harbour area is horrible. It is extremely dirty and stinks everywhere. There is no structure whatsoever and the hygiene situation is alarming.