19th September 2015

Lesvos remains.

As I returned to Germany it became clear to me that the Lesvos´ conditions for refugees the way I experienced them this year will linger on my mind forever. I knew the island before. I had a rough idea of what was coming but no one could imagine what actually happened this year to thousands and thousands of desperate people all over Europe. And it´s keeping me constantly wondering about this so called “refugee crisis” that is easily called this way when arguments needed to build fences and make war against people who have nothing and about states and nations responsible for this.

The situation on the island might change over time – And it does! On a daily basis things change rapidly and extremely! Still and forever I guess. – But the struggles and horrors of people seeking shelter remains.

We are already making new plans for next year. We want to continue in this. We will! Of course!

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